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Application of activated alumina

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Application of activated alumina

Activated alumina, also known as activated alumina, is English name Activated alumina. The use of alumina in the catalyst is commonly referred to as "activated alumina", which is a porous, highly dispersible solid material with a large surface area and a microporous surface with the properties required for catalysis, such as It is widely used as a catalyst for chemical reactions and a catalyst carrier because of its adsorption properties, surface activity, excellent thermal stability and the like. The spherical activated alumina pressure-changing oil adsorbent is white spherical porous particles, the activated alumina has uniform particle size, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, strong hygroscopicity, no swelling and no cracking after being absorbed, and is non-toxic, odorless and insoluble. Water, ethanol. Activated alumina is a highly effective desiccant for the deep drying of trace water and is suitable for use in non-thermal regeneration units.


Alumina, commonly known as alumina, has a chemical formula of Al2O3. White powder, density 3.9-4.0 g/cm3, melting point 2050 ° C, boiling point 2980 ° C. It is insoluble in water and can be slowly dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid. It can be used to refine aluminum metal and is also a raw material for enamel, porcelain, refractory materials and artificial gemstones. Alumina used as adsorbent, catalyst and catalyst carrier is called “activated alumina”. It has the characteristics of porosity, high dispersion and large specific gravity. It is widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, biological and pharmaceutical industries. And other fields.


Activated alumina is generally obtained by heating and dehydrating aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum hydroxide is also called hydrated alumina, and its chemical composition, Al2O3·nH2O, is usually classified into alumina trihydrate and alumina monohydrate depending on the number of crystal water contained. After heating and dehydrating aluminum hydroxide, γ-Al 2 O 3 can be obtained. That is, the activated alumina is generally referred to.


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